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Board of Directors


LWSA has a Board of Directors elected by the members at an annual meeting. The Board of Directors select Officers of the corporation. Neither the Directors nor the Officers receive any compensation for their services. The current Board of Directors and Officers are:

Lynne Hunter

Ben Crosby, Vice-President

Conor Hayes 

Alan Himmer

Hayden McLaughlin

Guy Nickerson, Treasurer

John Norden, President

Catherine McLaughlin, Secretary

Jeffrey Rabinowitz

Kim Scamman

David Stowe



Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization incorporated in the State of New Hampshire. The organization is run according to By-Laws attached below:




The Board of Directors has designated certain Committees comprised of board members and volunteers to get things done that ensure improved operations and maintenance and to advance the plans and projects of the organization. The current list of Committees is:

Finance and Fundraising

Sailing School




Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations

Race Committee

LWSA Staff and Volunteers

Background Check Policy

In the interest of safety, security and well-being of everyone involved in LWSA, the organization adheres to a policy of conducting background checks on all directors, staff, and ongoing volunteers. You can access it here.

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