Sailing School

Attention Sailing School Parents:   Every day when you drop off your child, you will be required to sign our health questionnaire.

Our staff would appreciate it if you would print out the PDF at the right, and bring it along with you. Thanks


During the COVID-19 Crisis

As you may know, the COVID19 pandemic has resulted in some drastic changes to all of our programs this summer. Reluctantly, we have been forced to scale back our youth sailing program to ensure the safety of our students, their families, and our staff.

Accordingly, for this season we will operate as follows:

  • All students must be at Level 2 or Level 3.

  • Class sizes will be greatly reduced.

  • Traditional classroom format will be eliminated.

  • All classes will be half days in length.

  • We will implement staggered start times so as to reduce congestion in the yard.

  • Students will be paired in boats only with siblings or partners approved by their parents.

  • Classes may be canceled in the event of inclement weather that would require the students to stay indoors. These days will be rescheduled.

  • We will have a large tent on site in case shelter is needed.

  • Masks will be required while on shore.


Most importantly, the LWSA has taken great care to set up procedures that are safe and consistent with good practice during this crisis. These procedures will require full cooperation from our students, their parents, and our staff.     Please CLICK HERE to see our COVID 19 Rules, Procedures and Guidelines.   

Discounts   Hows to save $$$. . . .


Come-Again Discount – Schedule two or more sessions for the same attendee and save 15%


(if you schedule multiple sessions at the same time, the 15% discount will be applied automatically; if you schedule an additional session for the same student later, please enter the coupon code "MULTISESSION" to receive your 15% discount)


Financial Aid


LWSA is committed to removing financial barriers so that all children can enjoy the sport of sailing.  We have provided financial assistance to many, many kids over the years and we will never turn a child away because of inability to pay.

If your child or a child in a family that you know would like to sail this summer, but cannot afford it, then please Contact Us by email or by phone at (603) 589-1177 Every inquiry is confidential 

We take great pride in the fact that many of our financial aid recipients have been given an experience they never would have had - -  an experience that might open the door to a lifetime of enjoyment of sailing and appreciation of the water.

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What We Do


The Lake Winnipesaukee Sailing Association, Inc. is dedicated to helping children from 7 to 16 build character through learning to appreciate, harness and respect the elements of wind and water. We are committed to work with students of all interests, abilities and means.

The LWSA has taught several thousand sailors since 1988. Our US Sailing-certified instructors know what to teach at each level from novice to racer, and how to make it fun, too!

Our course materials and teaching aids are based on US Sailing and  American Red Cross curricula. Course time is a combination of both classroom and on-the-water training. Our 37-boat Sailing Fleet consists of Optimist sailing dinghies, Vanguard 420's, 23-foot Sonar keelboats, a 26-foot J-80, and a fleet of ten exciting O'pen Bic sailing dinghies!

Youth Classes

We offer a broad curriculum of hands-on youth classes all summer long for kids of all abilities ages 7 to 16, plus a Youth Racing Club (up to age 18) for those who want to race.


Adult Classes


We offer a hands-on group adult classes for beginner and intermediate adults. These are a great way to try out sailing and master essential skills. Whether you are just interested in trying sailing for the first time, giving the gift of sailing lessons to a family member, or want to get back into sailing after many years away from the helm, LWSA can help you meet your goals. Many of our adult group participants are new boat owners of small sailboats and find this the perfect way to safely gain confidence. Others want to brush up on skills before getting involved in the yacht racing scene on Lake WInnipesaukee.

Private Lessons

Our experienced staff is here for you! What would you like to do?

We will work with you or your family to deliver private lessons at times that are convenient to you, and at your own pace. We provide the boat, large or small, or if you prefer, we will coach you on your own sailboat.

Private Excursions / Outings

If you do not want instruction, but would just like to go sailing on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, we can arrange that as well. Whether you are arranging a family outing or a team event for your business, LWSA can help you enjoy a sailing excursion on the lake. 

Send a Kid to Sailing School

LWSA will not turn anyone away because of inability to pay.

Your donation of $60 will send a child to sailing school for a day, 

$295 for a week and $445 for two weeks.

Your donation will go directly to our Scholarship Fund


Swim Tests 

Water safety is the first consideration for all. Students must pass the LWSA swim test prior to participating in any course. These tests will be conducted the first day of each class. 

For the swim test, students will be required to swim approximately 75 feet wearing a life jacket, to a coach boat with instructor(s). They will then remove the life jacket and tread water for approximately one minute to demonstrate their comfort level in the water. They will then put the life jacket back on and swim back to the starting point.

Life Jackets

Students are required to have their own PFD (Life Jacket). If you are unable to purchase one for your child, please let us know and we will work to find one for him/her. 

What To Bring

You can find a full, easy to print list of what to bring to Sailing School here .


LWSA wants participants in its programs to have fun while developing their skills and building their confidence. In order to function well, programs require a high standard of commitment, effort and personal conduct. Proper behavior & sportsmanship are expected while participating in the School’s program and on its property.


All Classes start promptly at 9:00 AM. In order to maintain our schedule we ask that all students be on campus and “ready to go” on time.  Campus location and directions can be found here .


Want to see more pics of our young sailors enjoying wind and water ?

      WE CARE!

We ask that each of our students

does his or her little bit

to help preserve our planet

by bringing only

re-usable water bottles.

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