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Have you experienced the wonder of seeing a kid learn to sail for the first time ? Have you enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of sailing Winnipesaukee harnessing the power of the wind ? Do you believe that lifelong appreciation for the elements of wind and water and the environment of our Lakes Region are important values for the youth of our communities ? Maybe you would like to get involved in supporting an organization that has contributed so much to the lives of over 2500 young people and adults in our community ? You can do good, meet people and have fun by supporting LWSA as often or as much as you choose.  There are several different ways to support LWSA:

You can get involved:

  • Join LWSA as a member for a tax-deductible membership of as little as $50

  • Volunteer to help - maybe just a few hours helping paint a wall or clean a boat with a group of us, or join a committee to help find solutions and manage LWSA.

You can donate to a good, local cause:

  • Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to supporting our sailing programs

  • Donate a used boat - you get a tax-deduction and LWSA makes money for our programs by reselling your used boat to someone who needs it

  • Buy a donated boat - you get a good deal on a used boat and LWSA earns needed dollars for its sailing programs, win-win 

Or other ways:

  • Shop on Amazon with the Amazon Smile program which donates a percentage of your purchases to LWSA

  • Join US Sailing and US Sailing donates educational materials to our sailing school

LWSA Sailing School
LWSA Sailing School
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