J/80 Fleet 1


Lake Winnipesaukee is home to one of the original J/80 fleets. The J/80 is a fast, fun, 26-foot sportboat, usually sailed with a crew of 4.


We race every Thursday evening at 6pm in the Spring and Summer Series and 5:30pm in the Fall Series.  The season last from mid-May to mid-October, on Lake Winnipesaukee in Gilford, New Hampshire.


We're an active and growing fleet - many Thurday nights we see about 15 boats on the starting line! With this many boats, there's almost always room for visiting crew - just get in touch with our Fleet Captain and let us know you're looking for a ride!


We maintain a mailing list and enthusiast group for anyone interested in J/80 activities and news - sign up here.

J/80 Fleet 1 - Fleet Captain:  David Stowe

email:  j80fleet1captain

More J/80 information is available from J/Boats , the J/80 North American Class Association, and the J/80 International Class Association, or on the North American Class Association Facebook page.

2019 J/80 Racing Series Results

2019 Spring Results

2019 Summer Results

2019 Fall Results

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J-Jamboree and Grand Masters Events

If you are interested in the annual J-Jamboree event for J-Class boats, click here. For 2019, the J-Jamboree is being hosted as the J/80 North American Championships. (To see the archive page for the Grand Masters events hosted on Winnipesaukee in 2016, click here. or the 2018 Grand Masters event June 1-3, 2018, click here)

2019 J-Jamboree and North Americans



​​​​The granddaddy of them all, J-Jamboree, (32nd annual) is back and this year it constitutes the J/80 North American Championship. Join us in September 2019. This event always has great weather and a super fun social program. 

2019 J/80 Fleet 1 Racing Season Registration

You can register for the J/80 Fleet 1 2019 racing season online and pay by credit card or bank transfer via PayPal (note that you do not need to be a PayPal member to pay this way!) 

Other documents of interest:


J/80 Notice Board

Notice of Race

Sailing instructions

2017 J/80 Fleet 1 Roster

2017 J/80 Fleet 1 Results and Current Standings

 J/80 Fleet 1 Archived Results for past seasons

 Scoring Explained


J/80 News and Updates

2018 and Previous


LWSA Victory in Annapolis !

Our very own More Gostosa (skipper Conor Hayes and crew Kevin Hayes, Graham Philpot and cousin Dan) came from behind with 3 bullets and won the J/80 Class at Annapolis NOOD AND won the reggata OVERALL !! Giving them a trip to the finals in BVI in October !! 


See the full article and video interview of Conor at the link below:




Season Kickoff

Our 2018 season kicked off on Thursday, May 17th!!  Click here to register for Thursday evening racing.  Be sure to verify that you have joined or renewed your LWSA membership and also register with the J/80 Class, otherwise no score !


News from J/80 Class International Executive Meeting:


At the meeting the International Class voted unanimously to join the USA and Canada fleets so we are now officially the North American J/80 Class.


The following topics were discussed at the meeting but no motion or official action was taken to date:


Crew Weight:

Denmark spearheaded a discussion about increasing the crew weight limit.  There were various proposals by different countries on this topic. The proposals ranged from various increases to unlimited weight class following the J/70 Class. Based upon discussions a 10 - 20 K increase is likely.  There was a motion made and passed for a proposal for consideration to amend the class rules to increase crew weight.


Backstay Flicker:

Discussion for a backstay flicker. This would address a simple regular issue boast have of getting their main sail across the backstay in light winds.  This would entail a simple and inexpensive retrofit.  It is expected that his will come up for a motion and it is likely to pass.


Cameras on board:

Currently, it is against the Class rules to have a camera on board to video goings on on a boat.  This is was the subject of a protest which was found to be a violation of the rules and resulted in disqualification of the offending boat. Discussion to amend the rules to allow cameras (i.e., GoPro type camera) on board with the restriction that a boat could not gain an advantage in doing so. It is expected that this will come up for a motion and is likely to pass.


Worlds 2019 or 2020:

Ramzi was approached to have the NA Class host worlds in 2019 or 2020.  It was discussed that Kingston Ontario might be the venue. (The NA Class is taking action towards this end)



Other J/80 News:


Big shout out to Kevin Hayes of LWSA. Kevin is the NA Class royalty manager. Kevin has been working very hard in contacting sail makers to forward past collected royalties due the Class which resulted in a substantial increase in the Class’ collected revenue. Kevin is also involved in the discussion about the French site for documenting measurement of each boat in the class. There is an on-going discussion to make this site more user friendly and in hopes that we could get more NA boats registered.  


Harken was no longer making the OEM furler and #32 winch for the J/80.  There is no satisfactory resolution of this matter at this time.  Jeff Johnstone  is working on going through the RFP process with manufacturers for a satisfactory replacements.  More to follow.


A new and greatly improved North American Class website will be launched shortly.  Class registration will increase to $75.00. There will also now be a requirement for Class events for a non-owner driver to register and pay the $75.00 fee.  This would apply to J-Jamboree but not out local Thursday night racing.  

Class regatta schedule 2018:


2018 Lake Winnipesaukee J-Jamboree September 21-23.


2018 North American Championships: Marion, MA

2018 East Coast Championships, Booth Bay Harbor, ME. We are working on a plan to make a New England Circuit, so that these events and J-Jamboree are within a reasonably short time frame.  We are figuring out possible solutions for people to be able to leave boats at Marion for us to help haul them up to Winnipesaukee - stay tuned. 




If you haven’t already, check out and “Like” the J/80 NA Facebook page.  Send any news, pictures of your J80 or videos for posting on our own website and the NA Class website and Facebook page.

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