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If you have feedback for LWSA, our Executive Director Amy Tripp, our Head Instructor Ben Crosby, and our Board of Directors are always interested to hear what you have to say - whether that is praise or room for improvement. You can provide feedback face-to-face at the Sailing School or, if you prefer, email us and let us know your thoughts (we'll assume those are confidential, but if you want your comments posted here either with your name or anonymously, just say so and we'll be happy to share.)

Hi Guys,

Our son has had a blast learning how to sail. He has been involved in all kinds of activities ranging from karate to baseball, basketball and soccer. None of these experiences can compare to the excitement and enthusiasm he has shown with sailing. We feel he has truly found his .niche., the thing he loves best to do. We are so glad that he could be a part of this program this summer and he is looking forward to working hard with good grades and excellent student citizenship so that he may return for a good portion of the summer next year. We know he will do well! Tyler hopes to become an instructor for the LWSA one day!

Congratulations on a fantastic year! Given the economic conditions, your enrollment increase is amazing. From what I've heard and seen, credit should be given to the dedicated, quality, professional, enthusiastic, organized staff that's currently involved with the LWSA. We've had our kids in the program for a number of years and have witnessed a striking change in the leadership of this great program. You may have a problem in coming seasons with ever increasing enrollment due to the very positive "word of mouth" recommendations!

Great job to everyone involved!

Dear LWSA,

Kelsie attended the sailing camp two years ago and as a result of a negative experience she did not attend last year. However, we encouraged Kelsie to try it again this year and we are so pleased. In just a short time the program has changed dramatically for the better. I think it is important to let you know that we had a wonderful experience over the course of the two weeks at LWSA. I looked forward to picking Kelsie up each day to hear how enthusiastic she was over what she was learning and how much FUN she was having. Thanks to you and all the wonderful counselors, Kelsie can.t wait to do it next year.

I just wanted to tell you know that this year's Winnipesaukee Annual Regatta you hosted was really fun for my kids. The weather really cooperated. As someone who has run events I always fret when the breeze is non-existent. That certainly wasn't the case.

The management of the event and the course was well done. The welcoming attitude of the staff was noticed, especially out on the water. 

It is obvious that the efforts that are being made to increase the program, address the skill levels and help kids have fun. 


Diana Weidenbacker UNH Sailing Coach

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