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Financial Aid


LWSA is committed to removing financial barriers so that affordability does not prevent youth in our communities from enjoying of the sport of sailing.  We believe that sailing can and should be a lifelong pursuit that fosters water safety, self-confidence, teamwork, honesty, positive sporting values, and an appreciation for our environment.

Therefore, LWSA is committed to ensuring the financial means to make sure that youth from every circumstance can join together to learn and appreciate sailing on our Lake.

If your child or a child in a family that you know would like to sail this summer, but cannot afford it, then please Contact Us by email or by phone on (603) 589-1177 to see if we can help make it a reality for them.  Every enquiry is confidential and you might be opening the door to a lifetime of enjoyment of sailing and appreciation of the water.

If you would like to make a donation to the LWSA Scholarship Fund, please click here

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