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Youth Racing

LWSA has a long history of youth racing and in fact there are many opportunities to learn and improve racing skills locally with our help.

Each summer, young sailors from LWSA participate in regattas (sailboat races), including our own W.A.R. Regatta (Winnipesaukee Annual Regatta) held annually in July. There are significant regattas on several New Hampshire lakes and at the seacoast, as well as in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New York State.  


Some of our young sailors choose to participate in just one or two local regattas, while others have had a lot of fun representing LWSA more frequently. It is very flexible, fun, and still leaves a lot of room for other summer activities.


When a number of LWSA youth racers want to attend a regatta together, LWSA usually can arrange to trailer a few of its own boats and send coaching staff, while a few parents join as chaperones. It is always a fun time !  


Typical youth regattas in New England race in two-person boats (usually 420s) and single-person boats such as Optis, O'pen Bics, and Lasers. While some of our young sailors have boats at home, most of the kids learn to sail and race on LWSA boats.


LWSA has two programs which prepare young sailors for racing in regattas and provide a structured opportunity for practice too. Many kids compete in regattas by the end of their first summer with LWSA, others gain more confidence with a second summer or they are a year or two older, and most kids choose not to race at all - they simply enjoy the freedom of harnessing nature to sail a boat around the lake.


Participation in regattas with LWSA is not selective or competitive to join - it is open to all young sailors who participate in LWSA programs or membership. LWSA aims to cultivate a love of sailing that will last a lifetime and therefore we put our main emphasis on recreational sailing, while making it optional for kids to engage in competition - always with good sportsmanship and an appreciation for nature's forces of water and wind.

For those interested, please click here for info on our scheduled race classes and our Race Club.



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