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Your Organization and LWSA


Your organization and LWSA may have something in common.

Are you a director or member of a non-profit or community organization or local government with a special interest in the Lakes Region, boating, lake ecology, or preserving lake habitat ?  Contact Us and let's talk and see what areas of common ground could lead to cooperation or mutual support.

Do you own or run a business in the Lakes Region or Central New Hampshire ?  Maybe, your business and LWSA have a connection based on an appreciation of the Lake and/or the people who enjoy the Lake each summer.  We might have common goals or shared customers that could be better served by working together.  Contact Us to discuss how. (You can click here to see a snapshot of other companies that have helped LWSA do good in the local community.)

Does your business need a boost to help people work better together ?  LWSA can host team building days on the water.  Few events bring different people together like the need to cooperate on the water to efficiently and safely sail from A to B and back. Contact Us to learn more and see what we can do together for your team.

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